Las Vegas Zen Dog


Our service includes  EVERYTHING!

Whats everything you ask? 

Bath & Brush 

-A message bath with high quality pet shampoo and condition
-Blueberry facial scrub
-Anal glands
-Teeth brushing
-Ear clenaing & plucking if needed
-Nails cut and grinded down to quick
-Brush and blow dry
-Paw & nose cream if needed
-Colgne and bow or bandana 

 Tidy Up

Everything included in a bath and brush PLUS!
-Sanitay trim
-Face trim
-Clean up around paw 
-Trim any out of place hairs

 Full Groom 

Everything included in a Tidy up PLUS!
-All over body hair cut of owners choice

 Furminator Shed-less treatment 

Everything included in a bath and brush PLUS!
-Furminator shampoo solution & 5 minutes of Furminator conditioner solution
-Blow out of undercoat with volocity dryer
-Brush for 30 minutes
-helps reduce shedding by 60%